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Alabama needs to check its priorities.
Thank a teacher. . . #teacherappreciationweek
There are a number of good candidates on the ballot in the upcoming D5 election. However, Allison for LAUSD School Board is the best and most qualified to lead LAUSD in the right direction and put students first! I’ve known her personally and admire her leadership, dedication, and passion for all kids regardless of what zip code they live in. #voteallison #vote
What a wonderful evening supporting arts education at the (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) Future Artists Gala! #artsed #artsmatter #LACOE
Every single young person is endowed with limitless potential. This morning I joined my fellow LACOE board member, Tom Saenz, in judging the juvenile court schools academic bowl competition. I’m so proud of every single young person who participated in the competition and reaffirmed why we must double-down on ensuring they have the tools (and resources) to thrive.
Glad to be on a panel at the American Bar Association Mid-Year Meeting, moderated by my former law professor Steve Wermiel, discussing the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Tinker v. Des Moines recognizing that students have freedom of speech and other constitutional rights in public schools.
Without a doubt, teaching should be one of the highest compensated professions; class sizes should be drastically smaller; and counselors, nurses and librarians are fundamental to supporting the whole student. Moreover, we need schools that are equitable for the highest need students and their families.I wholeheartedly believe that the resolution to LAUSD’s fiscal crisis will come about through increased state education funding. The potential of fiscal insolvency should be at the forefront of the debate when coupled with the prospect of making long-term budget decisions based on the use of reserve funding. I had hoped that both sides would reach an agreement to avert a strike. Yet as someone with a mom (UTLA) and dad (Teamsters) who were both part of the house of labor - I respect the decision to strike. As an alum of LAUSD and a supporter of students, parents, and teachers - I hope that LAUSD and UTLA quickly reach an agreement that will ensure students are placed on a pathway to thrive while addressing the districts overarching fiscal stability.
Happy New Year!!!!!
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